Make for a perfect holiday experience with luxury affordable cottages in Scotland!

Scotland is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK. The beauty of Scotland is not only famous in the UK or Europe but is known all across the world. Several tourists from all parts of the world flock the place seeking the misty mountains, lush greenery and the captivating ambience of the Scottish Highlands. Amidst all of this, finding the perfect luxury affordable lodges to stay on your holiday would be the dream vacation.

Breakaway Lodges is one of the most popular and luxury affordable lodges offering top class accommodations in the Scottish Highlands. We help our customers find the best facilities and the most suitable luxury affordable properties that can make for a perfect vacation.

While there is a range of luxury chain hotels and lack-lustre hostels available in the city centre, for a completely unique and exclusive experience, self-catering luxury holiday homes can be a great idea. We help customers find the best holiday homes and luxury yet affordable accommodations that are listed by the owners themselves.

At every accommodation facility, we offer at Breakaway Lodges to tourists visiting the Highlands, you can get an exquisite experience and the opportunity to lodge in a central location with scenic beauty and a personalised lodging experience. For luxury affordable lodges and accommodations in Scotland, be it a small family or be it a large group, simply get in touch with Breakaway Lodges.


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Great accommodations make for great holidays! When it comes to luxury affordable lodges in the Scottish Highlands, there is no better name than the Breakaway Lodges. Check out our key specialities and why we are the favourite of our guests and several tourists visiting the region every year!

PELS Haven

Another one of our luxury affordable holiday homes, this one offers you all the amenities you need while you are relaxing on your vacation.

Berry Cottage

The Berry Cottage is another one of holiday lettings and one of the finest luxury affordable properties Scotland.

Woodland Cottage

One of our most distinguished properties, the Woodlands Cottage, just as its name suggests, offers a perfect blend of nature, luxury and comfort. The property is located close to the woods and [...]